Modulated line

We have studied the line as to hepl us to make an scketch or a piece of art. Line as a drawing and line in the space. Now we´ll learn about the modulated line. It is a type of line that shows volume, it changes, it has variations of tone and thickness. It is organic and shows movement. We can observe this in MIRÓ´s paintings who uses organic black lines and spot colours, ussualy red, blue, green. This are the elements that he uses for his abstract paintings. Another famous and legendary abstract paintor is Vasili Kandinsky (1866). He uses colour as an emotional expression, he uses each colour as a response of the soul, as simbolic signs. He peainted with strong colours over black frames as to get vibrant colours. He had great influence of music. He compared art and music in this way: El color es la tecla. El ojo es el martillo. El alma es el piano. El artista es la mano que, con una u otra tecla hace vibrar el espíritu del ser humano". Vasili Kandinsky
Joan Miró (1893-1983) was an spanish paintor who had surrealism influences in his paintings. He wanted to create a non classic painting, more contemporary and personal including the unconscious and influence of dreams. During 1940-1941 he created a series of painting with great influence of the cosmos, constellations, stars are represented as symbols. Characters that symbolize the earth and birds as the union of sky and earth.
I choose this 2 GREAT artists because they both wanted to create a new way of expression, whith big influences of feelings, senses, expressing there own conseption of life. The plastic elements in common are the colour and line to create abstract paintings. Can you tell me the differences of how they used this elements? Whith which of this two paintors you feel more connected? Why? IT FEELS SOOO GOOD TO SHARE THIS CREATION TIME WITH YOU!!!!