WELCOME STUDENTS! Nice to meet you! I would like to get to know each you, let´s do it through a piece of art. If you have to show something about your personality through a typography, which kind would you choose? Stylized and eterea? Slim? Rounded? Squared and compact? Gestual and artistic? Coloured or black? Infant or electro? Funny or classic? Please design your trademark using your name with the typo, colours, textures, composition that represents you. You must design your own piece taking into account the hole sheet of paper. So you can occupy the hole space with the typo or you can repeat several times your name but using diferent sizes of the same typo. You can use bold as to suggest diferent tones. You can paint the space with colour or using textures. Or you can just let the space free as to let your name became the big star! Just let your work speak for you!!! ENJOY!!